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LIVE: Fayakunu Online Art Shop

The Fayakunu crowdfunder has made it to 10% of the target; thank you to everyone that has contributed to and shared our project. Reaching £15k allows us to complete the critical work required to run workshops safely whilst allowing us to operate our community program. With your support, Fayakunu will provide a safe space to promote the arts and bridge social gaps in Bradford.

Secondly, we'd like to introduce you to our brand new online platform: Fayakunu collections!

Fayakunu collections curates the best works of art, designed and created by our own artists in residency and affiliated heritage craftsmen.

Fayakunu is a non-profit art studio that teaches ceramic art and woodworking to the local community, whilst gearing them for social enterprise. We help our local artists by providing them with the skills to grow and a platform to sell their products to the world.

We work with local artists to make these fascinating works available to the public. Fayakunu adheres to fair pay practices ensuring the artists receive fair payment. Proceeds go towards establishing our community art studio in Bradford. We have three sizes available for printing:

38" x 60"

26" x 24"

24" x 12"

We work with artists to promote their work by producing canvas art prints of otherwise one-off pieces. As a limited series we are now taking orders for the 'Flower Forms' series by Mahmud Manning; inspired by Japanese zen paintings and Turkish miniature paintings. We print the high-resolution artwork onto a premium quality canvas and stretch it onto a 38mm pinewood frame. Each piece is sent out with Fayakunu's Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist and tracked for delivery.

We also have some fantastic photography canvas art prints available that will add charm to any space. Kasim Tariq's Canada series doesn't fail to captivate the viewer with incredible architectural and landscape shots. Debuting 'Lighthouse', "Fairmont" & "Imposing" as the first of the series. Now available for delivery. Check out our online store and order before stock runs out on these limited edition prints. Support local artists by purchasing their artwork through Fayakunu. We promote social enterprise through our workshop whilst educating the public on cultural art forms.

Don't forget to share our Crowdfunding project with your family and friend. Remember all donations are doubled by the Co-op Foundation; by donating, you allow us to teach arts and crafts in Bradford, empowering communities to embrace their cultural heritage.

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