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Social Impact

Fayakunu is a project that is designed with the benefit of the community at the forefront of its agenda. We strive to contribute to the culture and address the problems faced by our community using our focused urban regeneration program.

Issues In The Local Community

At Fayakunu our goal is to provide an opportunity for the community of Bradford to learn new skills and to open the doors to new career opportunities.


jobs per person

Over 20% less opportunity for training and employment than the rest of the country


average net income in Central Bradford in '16

Compared to Bradford median net income of £27k

1 in 4

prisoners are from ethnic minority backgrounds

Relative poverty = increased male aggression x influx in criminal behaviour

Stats gathered from ONS survey & Plumplot UK 

1 in 5

households affected by worklessness

Over the last 30 years poverty has more than doubled in the UK


aged 16-64 don't achieve above NVQ level 3

10% of those aged 16-64 have no qualifications at all


increase in drug crime in Bradford from '16-'20

A lack of socio-economic prosperity in Bradford creates a cycle of unemployment and crime in the community

Our woodwork and ceramic classes are held by professional artists, collectively addressing the fact that over 200,000 people in the district lack access to design or artistic education.

By encouraging mental well-being through the arts, culture and opening pathways to vocation, Fayakunu propels artists into social enterprise. Our hybrid studio uses culture to bridge social gaps and reconnect Bradford to its diverse heritage.

With so much hidden creative talent in Bradford, our goal is to nurture artists from a grassroot level and take them on a journey of social enterprise. We are privileged to be part of the Bradford City of Culture 2025 and excited to bring a real taste of art to the region.

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Fayakunu welcomes and supports creative artists  in order to boost social enterprise in the community; through our urban regeneration project, we embrace cultural identity and Islamic heritage. 

Our Plan

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