About us

Fayakunu is the brainchild of Kasim Tariq, that's me, Hi! The concept was spoken into being in 2020: as the world was dragged to a grinding halt due to COVID-19, I was forced to look at a communal solution to the increasing unemployment rates in the region and also the condition in which the youths in Bradford are living in. A lot of the degradation in their lives is due to a lack of creative expression and enthusiasm for learning.


So Fayakunu and its Workshop, will look to bringing in the public to the workshop and teaching them various skills. Through a series of workshops that look at culturally significant crafts and skills to broaden the horizons for our future generation.  

On my own personal journey of education and life, I have inherited skills including carpet fitting, woodworking, pottery as well as 3D design and manufacturing methods like 3D printing and CNC Milling. I wish to share this knowledge through Faya Kunu and its workshops helping the youths achieve careers in Design, Architecture,  and Engineering more easily and also provide them with positive outlets and a safe environment.

To find out how you can help and get involved by visiting our Justgiving Crowdfunding page or alternatively feel free to get in touch. We're constantly looking for volunteers to get involved and share their experience and passion for the arts with us.


Kasim R Tariq

Carpet fitter since 2013

Interior Architecture & Design BA First Class with Honours 2018

Biomimicry - Sustainability & Environmental 2017

Awarded Most Experimental Project by Coventry University 2018

Exhibited Architectural Design at the NEW.Designers Show in London, July 2018

FITA Intermediate Traditional Carpet Fitting Certification 2019

Meet the team

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