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  • Kasim Tariq

Cor! Have we got some news for you !!!

Co-op Warm Spaces' fund has agreed to MATCH-FUND up to £250 per donation!!! Meaning EVERY POUND of your contributions will be DOUBLED, then put towards preserving and teaching heritage crafts in Bradford. Our target is to reach £15k to install the necessary equipment, obtain tools and implement key safety features in our studio.

Our workshop provides equal opportunity and access to facilities and resources not previously available to Bradford. Our woodwork classes will cover woodturning, carving, joinery, marquetry and much more. Fayakunu's pottery studio teaches the world of science behind clay and glazing; looking at how minerals are fired to produce pigments and even Raku workshops. We provide training and access for artists that are developing or taking on commissioned work, through our residency programs.

Fayakunu is tackling socio-economic problems by teaching transferable skills in woodworking, pottery & Islamic calligraphic art. The Fayakunu workshop will subsidise costs for underprivileged locals, educating the community and encouraging them to develop a deeper connection with their heritage. Our studio then provides creatives with a platform to sell their crafts, gaining the creative works increased exposure.

This month we will be launching our new online shop where we curate physical and digital works of art; crafted by our resident artists and affiliated heritage craftsmen. You'll find a collection of niche artisanal products from blacksmith wares to fine art canvases. Each product comes with a Fayakunu Certificate of authenticity and some information about the artist and their craft, showcasing some of the best talents in the world.

Your contribution will complete the renovation and provide resources for the underprivileged and upcoming artists. Fayakunu will teach transferable skills to the community, which leads to better prospects in education and future careers. Help share this campaign far and wide as we only have a short amount of time to gather the funds on Crowdfunder.

Fayakunu Art Studio's Crowdfunder is now LIVE & 'Co-op Warm Spaces' fund has pledged £500 & agreed to MATCH-FUND up to £250 per donation!!! Anything you donate will be doubled by CO-OP, allowing us to reach our goal quicker. Click the link below to donate and share our campaign with all your friends, family, co-workers, accountant, neighbour, doctor, the local priest... well anyone you can think of really. :)

Thank you!!!

Visit our Crowdfunder UK page to contribute and receive regular updates about our revolutionary project.

Don't forget to pass it on!

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