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  • Kasim Tariq

Faya Kunu : How we came to be?


[kun] def. to be, to exist

[FA•YA KUN] (فيكون)

And it is, it exists

"BE!" was spoken and it was.

Using the same principles, simply willing something beautiful into creation can not happen but one must speak it first into existence. This is why we take our time to listen and understand what it is that we are fashioning into being.

Not only is Faya Kunu an innovative design agency, but the foundations of this newly established workshop help the local community of Bradford; to learn different artistic crafts and skills in a safe environment. On select days through the month, Faya Kunu will run "Kidr's Workshop" which involves "build your own..." days. Make your own easel, bedside table and for the more dexterous your own traditional Pakistani Charpaii hammock.

Teaching traditional skills in fine Woodworking, Metal working, Blacksmithing and eventually Pottery classes. These skills will help propagate creative minds for a future of designers, architects, craftspeople, artists and engineers; teaching important skills in measuring, drawing, 3D modelling and crafting that can be used across many fields.

We aim to expose the local community to new technologies like 3D printing and Laser Cutting and teaching the application of sciences in various manners, in order to inspire the new generations.

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