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  • Kasim Tariq

Crowdfunding Startup

This project is very close to me, as I have grown up in the same conditions as many others in Bradford. Whether that meant witnessing the City fall into riots as a child, the effects of the recession or the recent influx of homeless people from other cities. Now we all face COV-ID together with Bradford being recorded at an all time high unemploymency rate of 22%.

I was inspired with this wild idea which somehow just makes so much sense to me although there's no real formula for this kind of project. This project is so much larger than myself and I am only one man, so far. I've loved the positive response from so many creatives, and community members already. So I'm reaching out to find people to help in the clean up and preparation of the workshop, maybe donations of old tools that are of no use, and sponsors that wish to help see this Noah's Ark of projects, come to fruition.

Please get in touch, share your views and this post to help further the cause. The aim is to build a big enough network to reach out to all the right connections in order to establish the workshop and slowly work towards employing the full plan across the building. This first phase of fundraising will help attain Bandsaws, Lathes and heavy industrial machinery to teach machining skills and establish the foundations. Over the years I've built up my own collection of tools including routers, planers etc. and this is my own offering, however it only goes so far. This is why the community contributions are really essential to get this off the ground.

The workshop, working with community members will produce pieces of furniture, art and bespoke work for clients and the community in order to become more self sufficient. The workshop will set up open community days for anyone that needs something crafting or something to do. Tee workshop being a place to create solutions to community problems.

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