Community Outreach

Fayakunu is a project that is designed with the benefit of the community at the forefront of its agenda. We strive to contribute to the culture and address the problems faced by our local community with our own unique method.

Our Next Few Steps

Phase 1

Refurbishing the center and creating the space for our workshops - this is our current activity

Phase 2

Wood & Ceramic Workshop set up, equipment population and community programme development.

Phase 3

Community outreach inviting artists and hosting open days for the local community.

Whilst supporting our residents creative projects.

Issues In The Local Community

With 1 in 5 households affected by worklessness in Bradford and a job density listed at 0.67 compared to a UK average of 0.87 (jobs per capita), Bradford suffers from a lack of socio-economic prosperity. This in turn creates a cycle of unemployment and crime in the community.

At Fayakunu, our goal is to provide an opportunity for the community of Bradford to learn new skills and get involved in a potential career path which they may have not previously envisioned for themselves. 

We aim to start with woodwork, ceramic and metalwork classes held by professional artists, which will also address the fact that over 200,000 people in the district have a lack of access to design or artistic education.

We care deeply about mental health and quality of life in the community and want our classes to be a creative outlet for those affected by such issues. In future we also wish to host mental health workshops and other activities to assist with these issues whilst celebrating our diverse culture.

We know there is hidden talent and culture in Bradford and we want to reveal this to the world and aid Bradford on its journey to become the Cultural Capital of West Yorkshire and, as has been suggested, the country's "Compassionate Capital" - a place of sanctuary as well as opportunity outside corporate take over and interest-debt economics. At Fayakunu we support artists and creatives, in order to boost social enterprise among the community in a truly holistic approach.